An overview of the people connected to Centre for Sustainabilty and Society (SUSY), University of Copenhagen.

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Anders BlokAssociate professor Associate Professor, 'Head of CEVES' +45 353-23577E-mail
Jens Villiam HoffProfessor Citizens, climate change, governance, ICT, local, participation, policies, political communication, stakeholders, sustainability +45 353-23386E-mail
Peter Birch SørensenProfessor Environmental economics; economics of climate change; economics of natural resources, public economics, macroeconomics +45 353-23015E-mail
Quentin GaussetAssociate professor Environment, development, HIV/AIDS, ethnicity, Africa, Southeast Asia +45 353-23473E-mail
Simon Westergaard LexAssistant professor, tenure track Assistant Professor +45 353-23458E-mail