10 May 2021

Transdisciplinary green research network to be established at UCPH


Spanning across social sciences, humanities, law and natural-technical sciences as well as the transdisciplinary domains of sustainability science and transition research, the new green research network The Governance of Green Transition is to be established on September 1, 2021.

The Governance of Green Transition seeks to develop new comprehensive and transdisciplinary approaches to the governance challenges of green transition. Green transition governance comprises the means of exercising control over, steering, or directing society and its organizations, institutions, and practices in the process towards enhanced sustainability. The network is organized around four sub-themes of transition governance:

  1. Socio-technical transition networks and partnerships
  2. New institutions of deliberation and inclusive decision-making
  3. Civil society participation and experimentation in reform nexuses
  4. Cultural models of transition in-between expert planners and citizens

The network will facilitate a UCPH-wide conversation on novel ways of addressing the governance challenges of green transition in comprehensive and transdisciplinary terms, thereby laying the foundations for future research collaborations in a variety of formats, including basic socio-political science and feeding into sector- and technology-specific endeavors.

The network will be hosted by the Faculty of Social Sciences, as part of the Center for Sustainability and Society (SUSY), including Anders Blok, Dept. of Sociology, Stine Krøijer, Dept. of Anthropology and Lars Tønder, Dept. of Political Science. Further involvement includes Frida Hastrup, SAXO-Institute, Faculty of HumanitiesChristian Bugge Henriksen, Section for Crop Sciences, Faculty of ScienceCarsten Daugbjerg, IFRO, Faculty of Science; and Amnon Lev, Faculty of Law.