28 January 2021

New publication from SUSY: Clash of Geofutures and the Remaking of Planetary Order

Climate Engineering

The authors of a new article published in the journal Global Policy, Associate Professor Olaf Corry and colleague, assess the underlying obstacles to global rules and institutions for geoengineering posed by divergent interests and underlying epistemic and political differences.

Using evidence gathered from state delegates, climate activists and modellers, the two authors reveal three underlying and clashing ‘geofutures’ in the peer-reviewed article entitled 'Clash of Geofutures and the Remaking of Planetary Order: Faultlines underlying Conflicts over Geoengineering Governance': an idealised understanding of governable geoengineering that abstracts from technical and political realities; a situated understanding of geoengineering emphasising power hierarchies in world order; and a pragmatist precautionary understanding emerging in spaces of negotiation such as UN Environment Assembly (UNEA).

"The clashing geofutures, (re)produced variously through future practices (models, scenarios, policy texts, negotiations, campaigns and more), and outlined above illustrate that questions of venue, timing and definition were an expression of – rather than the cause of – disagreement in an uneven world. The underlying challenge comes from fundamental differences on truth‐making, world‐making and action‐making, exacerbated by the coexistence of multiple, uneven societies, and the belief of all participants that their position offers the more valid representation of reality."

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