Roundtable on climate citizens' assemblies: status and future perspectives

The research project "Democratic Innovations in a Green Transition" is pleased to announce its first roundtable on climate citizens’ assemblies on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 3 – 5pm.

The roundtable will feature three guest speakers:

Each guest speaker will present his/her views and research on the use of citizens’ assemblies, particularly with an eye to the current climate crisis. After their presentations, there will be an opportunity for questions and further discussion.

"Democratic Innovations in a Green Transition" (DIGT) is headed by Professor Lars Tønder from the Institute of Political Science (UCPH) and explores how democracy is affected by, and can in turn affect, efforts to address the effects of climate change. DIGT examines the impact of Denmark’s climate citizens’ assembly on the Danish political system, which is set to begin work in 2021. Overall, the goal is to show how the climate citizen’s assembly can contribute positively to green transition through new modes of democratic participation.

Read more about the research project here.