Case Competition on Circular Economy

Danish Social Innovation Club (DANSIC) invites students from the Nordic countries and Africa to participate in the digital case competition "DANSIC21 Circular Challenge" where students will have the opportunity to deploy their knowledge and business acumen by creating solutions to advance the circular economy agenda. Hence, the topic for DANSIC21 is “Circularity in Business”.

DANSIC has partnered up with Ambitious Africa to create this case competition for students from various academic backgrounds to find compelling and interdisciplinary solutions to recurrent challenges in the transition towards a circular economy. Through this event DANSIC and its partners hope to bring forth the creativity, ingenuity and business acumen of both African and Nordic students, as they provide answers to real life business challenges. 

About the competition: 

The DANSIC21 Circular Challenge invites students that are actively enrolled in a Nordic or African university to participate in a digital competition. The teams must consist of 2-4 students. The competition consists of two different case tracks: 

  • Track Alooks at the systemic problems with the current food systems 

  • Track B - seeks to tackle the issue of wasteful consumption through innovative solutions

Students will be asked to select one of the tracks and submit their solutions accordingly. The jury will select the finalist teams by May 27. Each track will have five teams advancing to the finals which only compete among teams within their case track. At the end, each winning team will be rewarded with prizes worth of 5.000 DKK (approx. 800 USD).