Smart Cities Accelerator (SCA)

SCA is a research and innovation project that explores the integration of new “smart” technologies in urban infrastructures and public buildings in Scandinavia.

Understandings of urban development and human-technology interactions

In order to optimize the use of renewable energy and reduce CO2 emissions, the project strives to apply context-driven understandings of urban development and human-technology interactions in new solutions within the municipal energy supply systems.

SCA takes a cross-boundary approach and involves researchers from data science, anthropology, law and building engineering. The involved partners develop quantitative and qualitative context-based data about building conditions, technological development, social relations, organizational circumstances and political structures.

A cross-disciplinary research and innovation initiative

The project is a cross-disciplinary research and innovation initiative involving Danish and Swedish universities (University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark and University of Lund) and municipalities (the municipalities of Copenhagen, Høje Taastrup, Lund and Malmö).

The project furthermore intents to share results with public and private organizations and civil society 

 SCA is financed by the EU program Interreg-ØK and runs from 2016 – 2019.

Read more about the project here.

For further information on the project contact

Assistant Professor Simon Lex
Department of Anthropology
University of Copenhagen

Phone: +45 31432839