Weathering the storm: Building local resilience through global action

My PhD project investigates how cities respond to increasing risks stemming from climate change. The project focuses on the rise of global city networks and cities’ increasing engagement in global climate governance. I am particularly interested in how cities create new global spaces for urban policy-making and whether these spaces bring about new modes of governance and alternative approaches to the climate agenda. The project comprises a comparative case study of four cities across the world that all are members of the same city network, 100 Resilient Cities. The chosen cities are Vejle (Denmark), New York City (USA), Chennai (India) and Puerto Alegre (Brazil).

Jens Hoff supervises the project.


Global environmental change, global climate governance, climate change adaptation, disaster risk management, urban resilience and sustainability, cities as international actors, city networks, city diplomacy, qualitative research methods


Climate science and politics (autumn 2017, Department of Political Science)
Climate change adaptation – Building resilient in cities (spring 2017, Department of Political Science)

Anne Bach Nielsen
Department of Political Science
University of Copenhagen